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Tofu re-imagined

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

If you've ever tried cutting meat from your diet, you probably know that getting enough protein is a real challenge. Tofu is the most obvious go-to, given its fairly high protein content and availability; however it still doesn't match up to actual meat. (protein from about 290 grams of tofu is equal to to 150 grams of lean meat)... Here's the good news: with its light flavour and soft texture, tofu is so much more versatile than meat! This makes it extra easy to incorporate tofu into several meals in your day without getting repetitive. Read on for some interesting ideas on how to eat your tofu.

morning smoothie

Super quick to make when you're rolling out of bed just minutes before beginning work-from-home, and probably the easiest way to down your nutrients. In one cup, a combination of soy milk, oats, chia seeds, silken tofu, banana, spinach, and other fruits for flavour will give you a wide range of nutrients you need in your day. The fibre and protein content will keep you full and satisfied until your lunch break.

Use LG Foods silken tofu – soft and custardy texture for easy blitzing, and a light subtle flavour easily masked by any fruit to your liking.

dumplings your way

Dumplings be anything you want... including meat-free! Simply substitute meat with firm or extra firm tofu in your favourite dumpling recipe – marinade and all – and call it a day. Not sure what will work? We recommend Korean style mandoo, typically filled a range of textures that add more dimension to the tofu-based filling. Some include glass vermicelli noodles, different types of mushrooms, and even kimchi for tang and spice. Making dumplings yourself might seem like a bit of a hassle, but you can make a huge batch and keep them in the freezer for months. What's more, you get to customise them to your palate, and some would say wrapping them can be quite therapeutic!

Check out a vegan mandoo recipe here.

Browse wanton and dumpling skins (with wholegrain options!) from LG Foods so you can focus on making your filling.

Use taukwa from LG Foods for quality tofu with a firm texture suitable for dumpling fillings

Donuts but better (for you)

We know, this one sounds like a stretch. But hear us out! George Lee (@chez.jorge on Instagram), a professionally trained chef and restaurant reviewer has done the work of creating a vegan chocolate-dipped chocolate donut recipe. It only has 8 ingredients (flour, baking powder, coco powder, silken tofu, sugar, oil for frying, melted chocolate and kosher salt for the dip), including silken tofu. Check out his recipe here.

Use LG Foods Silken Tofu to achieve that light, fluffy texture we all love in our donuts.

Would you you try any of these ideas? Share with us in the comments on tag us on Instagram!

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