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Redesigning Comfort Food

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"Throughout the region, we see obesity and chronic diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes creeping at a very drastic rate. This is why our team at LG Foods felt the urgency to introduce healthier alternatives to our daily staple."

As a food manufacturer invested in food science, LG Foods is in a position to make a change and have since been spearheading the industry with development of healthier noodles started back in 2011.

LG Wholegrain Air-Dried Noodles

While most instant noodles are deep-fried in oil to remove moisture and increase their shelf life, LG Wholegrain Air-Dried noodles are dehydrated through steaming and high-velocity air.

The process could yield substantial savings over a period of time, and the fat content of the noodles is also reduced by 70 per cent.

These Healthier Choice certified noodles are currently sold to various eateries from restaurants, hotels, schools to caterers, on and will be available via retailers soon.

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