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Lunch with Chef Chin Koon

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

"You are what you eat! Eat right, be right!"

LUNCH with

Chef Chin Koon

Having cut his teeth at several restaurants and cafes around Singapore, Chef Chin Koon is now an educator at Crest Secondary School, where he teaches the basic skills and knowledge of the vibrant hospitality industry.


Chef, Culinary teacher

off the clock.

I spend time with my family, 9 months old daughter and I am a cactus collector.

first prize in.

imparting knowledge in my expertise to students.

what does food mean to you.

Food is my career and also my passion.

what is hawker fare and what does it mean to Singaporeans?

Hawker food is a must have in every Singaporean's life. It signifies our culture and what we are.

what are some of your favourite Singapore dishes?

My favourite dish is hokkien mee. The thick and rich broth noodles paired with a good tangy chilli makes me come back for more.

what do you feel about healthier alternatives to traditional ingredients?

It is good that manufacturers are producing healthier alternatives nowadays. It caters to the needs of Singaporeans who are more health conscious nowadays. Healthier food, healthier lives!

quote on food.

You are what you eat! Eat right, be right!

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