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Pressed Tofu 香板豆腐

Tofu made with high quality beans with a medium firm texture and a strong bean fragrance. It's slightly firmer texture makes it our most versatile tofu as it can still hold its shape when used in most cooking methods while still retaining the much loved soft and tender texture iconic of tofu.

Nett Weight



Non GMO Soybean, Calcium Sulphate (E516), Lactone (E575)


Keep refrigerated between 2°C to 7°C. Once opened, best consumed within the day.

Shelf life

4 months

General Cooking Directions:

Our pressed tofu is best pan-fried or used in casseroles or salads.

Handpicked Recipe Ideas For You:

1. Avocado Tofu Salad (recipe)

Tender tofu salad with buttery avocado.

2. Teriyaki Tofu Casserole (recipe)

Rice, tofu and veggies in Teriyaki marinade.

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